To keep in formula with my first foray into sporting documentaries, I’ve just got back from filming some superb footage with Peter Crix, an avid car racing enthusiast, who now competes in ‘Fun Cup’ Racing events up and down the country from Brands Hatch to Donnington Park. With plenty of speed, hard breaking and crashes it was definitely an eventful weekend.

Like all my ‘Moments in Sport’ films, these are not so much about the sport itself, but the person involved in the sport and how it feels to be involved. As is usually the case people in most walks of life, Pete admits he is still learning when competing in motor racing events. He knows that each time he sits in the car he needs to understand every inch of the track to be in with a chance to compete with the top players. The car needs to become second nature to be able to shave maybe just a fraction of a second off each lap time, and if all goes well in on the track, in the car and in the pits, then maybe, just maybe, a good result can be obtained.

Both teams and drivers started arriving and setting up early Saturday morning and it wasn’t long before everyone was out on the track in testing sessions to get the most experience they could gain out of the cars and track. Theirs no qualifying in Fun Cup racing, instead teams names are pulled out of a hat? Sadly Pete’s team was positioned 22nd on the track and they knew they’d have their work cut out on race day. I managed to interview Pete a couple of times, knowing that Sunday’s race day would be more difficult to get hold of him. I was pleased with the interviews, even though it was noisy on the track, and that definitely came across on the interview, but it all adds to the experience of the race weekend.

Sunday again was a beautiful sunny day. We did’t have any weather issues this weekend. After morning track testing and experience, teams were finally getting ready for the race up and down the pit.